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Resolved! SMPS Clock Mux Errors

Whenever I set the SMPS Clock Mux to HSE /4 /2 = 4 I can save the project without errors but whenever I reopen the ioc file I get a warning that there is a clock issue that needs to be fixed.  I go into the clock configuration and it's bee reset to H...

nollstead by Associate III
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Gfsk at 300kbps? - nucleo-wl55jc1

Hey,Im working with nucleo-wl55jc1 and I’m trying to work with 300kbps rate.I’ve read in the RM0453 reference manual that it is possible, but as I know the gfsk parameters doesn’t allow this rate.Can someone recommand gfsk parameters that work will w...

Gyuki by Associate
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Resolved! STM32WL55 dual core debug _ error 18 when debugging CM0+

Hello,I have started to use stm32wl55 nucleo.I try to debug a basic application.I start by debugging CPU1 (CM4) than after booting CPU2 (CM0+) i run the debug for the second CPU.But ST-LINK: Could not verify ST device!error details :Error in final la...

malarab by Senior
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Resolved! LoRa --- stm32wle5

I would like to do peer - peer stuff and experiment with LoRa.....Question: Do I use the LoRaWan stack when I am doing peer - peer, or is that strictly used when I want to communicate to a gateway?Is there literature that explains all the settings i...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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