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Resolved! Can't run SubGHz_Phy_PingPong example on Nucleo WL55JC1

I have a Nucleo WL55JC1 and I'm trying to run the SubGHz_Phy_PingPong example from STM32CubeWL v1.3.0. I am using STM32CubeIde and if I try to build without any modification to the original project the compiler outputs that stm32wlxx_nucleo_radio.h, ...

Pi filter purpose on Lorawan reference design

Hello everyone,In the schematics en.MB1389-WL55JC-highband-E02_Schematic,there's a Pi filter following the RF switch before it links to the SMA connector for the antenna.Upon calculation, I found that the cutoff frequency of this low-pass pi filter i...

Levan by Associate III
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Program ST50H with pyOCD

Hi,I'm working with an ST50H based on STM32WLE5 series MCU. Here's the product: I would like to be able to flash the device using pyOCD or OpenOCD. However, after installing the ST...


Resolved! STM32WL5MOC Certification

Hey,It states on the product page for the STM32WL5MOC that it is certified. In the presentation for the part the FCC logo is under the "Certification" box. Does this mean that the module already has FCC certification? If so, is there a way to view th...

jrlyon by Associate
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Not getting mention speed of lorawan.

Hello @ST Community @STM Community Currently, I'm using Lorawan gateway: P-nucleo LRAWAN1 and Lorawan node: B-L072Z LRWAN1. As Lorawan provides a maximum range of 10 Km and a data rate of 5kbps at 125 kHz.B-L072Z node as a buffer of size 242 bytes.I ...

Screenshot (4).png
Yuvi by Senior
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Resolved! Lora-E5 mini system clock

I am testing Lora-E5 mini with FreeRTOS from LoRaWan-E5-Node-qian example in STM32CubeIde . All works fine except the clock (MSI) is only 4 MHz.  This causes that e.g. osDelay(100) takes 4 s.I have been trying to change MSI to HSE 32 MHz, but no luck...

Resolved! Looking for gateway compatible with B-L072Z.

Hello community,Currently, I have Lorawan gateway: p-nucleo-LRWAN1 and Lorawan node: B-L072Z LRWAN1.I'm looking forward to suggestions from you, which company gateway and node will be better than this current gateway and node. with current devices, I...

Yuvi by Senior
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