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SMPS - Danger the device may be destroyed

Hi all,I read this advertising in the datasheet:<<The SMPS needs a clock to be functional. If for any reason this clock stops, the device maybe destroyed.[...]Danger: Before enabling the SMPS, the SMPS clock detection must be enabled in the sub-GHz r...

How to switch I2C pull up when STOP MODE 2 on STM32WLE

Hello,I have a STM32WLE that works with the lora end_node projectI have a sensor that i power up with a mosfet when needed.But during the time that the chip is sleeping i need to disable the internal I2C pullup (+30 uA more due to the fact that the V...

HDIA.1 by Associate III
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What can prevent entering STOP mode? (STM32WB)

After some activity using BLE in the background and UART as well as some EXTI on application side, the consumption jumps from 2,4µA to 4mA, so obviously I have a wakelock. If I hotplug to the system afterwards, I can see in PWR_EXTSCR that Stop mode ...

OliM by Associate III
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