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STM32WBA OOB Pairing not working

Hello, I am working with STM32WBA52 and I am using the X-Nucleo-NFC07A1 Tag to try to perform BLE OOB Pairing. From the sparse existent documentation regarding this subject, I have understood that the SecurityParams_t structure had a flag to indicate...

Portilha by Associate II
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[BLE RSSI] Reading RSSI value uint8_t

Hello, I am working with STM32WBA52CG as a central and I want to read the RSSI from the incoming advertising packets. The RSSI value should be a negative value in dBm, however it is defined as uint8_t in the AdvertisingReport_t structure. Can someone...

Screenshot from 2024-02-12 10-41-02.png
Portilha by Associate II
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Resolved! BLE 5.4 Audio project guidance

Hello, i have a STM32WBA52CG with a NUCLEO 64 board.I want to utilize the new BLE in speakers. I want a Client phone to broadcast audio to servers -> STM32WBA52CG.First question, does an example sketch exist for this application? Is there some availa...

Problem with DMA from FLASH on STM32WBA52

Hi all, I am experiencing a problem with the DMA of the STM32WBA52 (on the NUCLEO-WBA52CG board) when using it to transfer data from FLASH to USART1 TX : part of the transmitted data is modified, i.e. not the data that is found in FLASH)The problem o...

jeroen by Associate III
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STM32WBA52 Serial Port Emulation

Hello,I am developing a Bluetooth application which can communicate with Android phone emulating Serial Connection. On previous device we used our own Bluetooth Classic module with SPP (Serial Port Profile) using RFCOMM (Serial Port Emulation) and we...

DLich.3 by Associate II
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