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Resolved! Using STM32CubeMonitor-RF How to test STM32WB55CEU6

Hello,I am using the STM32WB55CEU6 chip and while trying to check the functionality with the STM32CubeMonitor-RF I am getting the following error: "Device under test not responding COM port closed"Upgraded "stm32wb5x_BLE_Stack_full_extended_fw.bin" a...

Nemonas by Associate II
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Getting a warning that - Device under test not responding COM port closed - when trying to connect the STM32CubeMonitor-RF to the WB55 Nucleo or Dongle.

Using either the default program or programming the BLE_TransparentMode default hex file results in this error. I have both a windows 10 and macOS 10.14.4 machine that I get this result. The VCOM port doesn't seem to be the issue as I can program and...

Resolved! STM32WL55JC LocalNetwork_Sensor not working

Hello ST-Community,I have two NUCLEO64 STM32WL55JC1 development boards and am trying to get the LocalNetwork example up and running. A build can be easily generated from the LocalNetwork_Concentrator in the CubeIDE and transferred to the board. On th...

ChRegBrg by Associate II
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How to test the STM32WB BLE radio on a custom board?

(1) We use our own custom board with the STM32WB55RGV6, we want to test the radio.Question:Is the CPU2 CM0+ already programmed with the "stm32wb5x_BLE_Stack_fw.bin" from the factory?I have tried to download the "stm32wb5x_BLE_Stack_fw.bin" using ST-L...

EGuna by Associate II
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How to optimize power consumption by SAI

I'm developing a battery powered application using the STM32WBMMG and working to minimize power consumption.  I'm using STM32Monitor-Power and X-NUCLEO-LPM01A to supply power to our custom board and measure current. The application periodically uses ...

HCohe.1 by Associate III
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STM32CubeMonitor-RF v2.9.1 is available.

A new version of STM32CubeMonitor-RF has been released to: Fix an issue with Bluetooth® Low Energy TX PHY menu in RF tests .Update 802.15.4 sniffer firmware software.Correct the detection of Bluetooth® Low Energy firmware version: Some versions not i...