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Slow block read with SPI fatfs

Hello,I measured the performance of uSD card connected through the SPI on Read/Write operation.The weird thing is that the Block read speed is 3x to 4x slower than the write speed.  I'm writing/read 4kB of data and the SD card is formatted with 4kB a...

frnt by Senior
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Having issues enabling the SubGhzSPI on STM32WLE5JC

I have five identical development boards that I am attempting to bring up. One of the boards works without issues. The other four all fail during MX_LoRaWAN_Init(), After digging a little deeper I found that the SubGhzSPI peripheral is never getting ...

Kurt28 by Associate
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SPI MISO line stays high?

I am writing a driver for the STM32 to get the data from the front-end board, AD5940 using the SPI communication. I am using the AD5940 library available at the : has been used. I have configu...

HJain.3 by Associate
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