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Rejoining zigbee network fails

Dear ST,I am trying to configure a simple zigbee centralized network with one coordinator and one endpoint, but I can't manage to correctly configure a rejoin request.As I understand it, a rejoin can be used to join a network as well. As per the docu...

FUS bug with ZigBee firmware for STM32WB55CGU6 (dongle)

Hey, everybody!I looked at the Release Notes for the STM32WBxx Copro Wireless Binaries and kind of did everything according to the manual.stm32wb5x_FUS_fw.bin -> 0x0809A000, tm32wb5x_Zigbee_FFD... -> 0x0804C000. However, after flashing the controller...

Fur by Associate
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Resolved! STM32WB5MM-DK, connecting to Tuya gateway with zigbee

Hello,How should I make connection to the Tuya gateway with zigbee? I have read zigbee wiki dokumentation about zigbee binding. I have understand that I should use "find and bind" mechanism in that case. I tried to find suitable example from github, ...

eskomj by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32WB5MM-DK, Zigbee_OnOff_Client_Router, FATAL ERROR

Hello,I have STM32WB5MM-DK evaluation kit and I am trying to get example Zigbee_OnOff_Client_Router working. I updated FUS (v. 1.2.0) and Zigbee FFD (v.1.18.0). Example do not work, I get an error "Fatal Error" on terminal and display:[M4 APPLICATION...

eskomj by Associate II
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Resolved! Zigbee: ip802154_lld_exitSleep() FAILED

Hello, testing Zigbee_OnOff_Client_SED on P-NUCLEO-WB55. Sources are from version 1.18.0, same as installed stm32wb5x_Zigbee_FFD_fw.bin. Almost no changes to source files except modification channelmask to WPAN_CHANNELMASK_2400MHZ.After a while (rand...

SToma by Associate III
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Wireless stack on custom STM32WB55

Hi all,Im trying to load the stack onto the custom board. I've done it for both Nucleo board and dongle. I use Nucleo board with SWCLK, SWDD, RST, GND, 3V3. I think Ive managed to program FUS as it shows the correct number and it starts. Ive been try...

DWuje1_0-1704136897434.png DWuje1_1-1704137140186.png DWuje1_0-1704138322460.png
DWuje.1 by Associate II
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How to get STM32WB to report automatic to Zigbee2MQTT?

Hi I am creating my own Zigbee sensor, where i have add support for it in Zigbee2MQTT, however I am not sure on how the set the STM32WB up to automatic report its measured temperature values up?I can select the endpoint, cluster, attributes i want to...

KFisc.2 by Associate
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