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Resolved! STM32WL55 dual core debug _ error 18 when debugging CM0+

Hello,I have started to use stm32wl55 nucleo.I try to debug a basic application.I start by debugging CPU1 (CM4) than after booting CPU2 (CM0+) i run the debug for the second CPU.But ST-LINK: Could not verify ST device!error details :Error in final la...

malarab by Senior
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Problem with trace utility in I-CUBE-LRWAN

Hello,I'm currently working on an application that integrates the LoRaWAN stack (version 2.1.0), and has to use USART2 to send/receive data. USART2 is already used by the trace utility, to send trace messages. I activated RX on interruption by callin...

Hard fault in X_CUBE_CRYPTOLIB, how to proceed?

Our STM32WB55 user application is currently in the HardFault_Handler. (Full disclosure: I am not an embedded developer at all, I have never debugged such a problem, so I'm not really knowing what I am doing. I need precise, detailed step-by-step inst...

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LWChris by Associate III
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HardFault Interrupt when trying to erase flash?

Hello...I am using a Nucleo WB55 board. I can run the FLASH_EraseProgram that comes with the WB55 example code successfully. I have pre-existing code and am trying to pull this into my code. I have checked the PWR and the Flash SFR in the debugger...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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zigbee issue on NUCLEO-WB55

Hi, I'm trying to start the zigbee on Nucleo-WB55.After upgrading the FUS to and Stack to without any problem, I get an issue in the running code when it checks the "StackType",it should be 48 or 49 but it returns 0:Tested with two ...

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PCu1 by Senior
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STM32WB P2P examle not working

Hi, i tried opening and debugging the STM32WB BLE-P2P example in my workspace but i dont get it to work. I tried a dozen ways to open and debug and even like in this video