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[STM32WL55] CTime locks Flash

Hello everyone,I'm having some issue with the ctime function time() in <time.h>.This is used in a library we imported (and for various reason we CANNOT change it), but I noticed that when time() is called it returns -1 (which could be fine) but also ...

STM32WL55 CM0Plus is no longer able to work

Dear team!,I have a problem with STM32WL55JC1 board.I loaded the "LoRa End Node Dual Core "project and it works very well.Then I made a project from scratch, with Dual core checkbox checked.Before initialising any module, I built both projects and do...

MShafiee by Associate
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Resolved! How to read internal flash in stm32wb55

Hi,i am working on stm32wb55 nucleo board.I want to read data form one location of internal flash e.g 0x08047000 and write into the other location e.g 0x08007000.i found there is HAL_FLASH_Program API available to write data into internal flash but i...

asala.19 by Associate III
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BLE mesh and FLASH access problem

Hello,I am trying to develop app based on BLE_MeshLightingProvisioner example. From the readme file, I know that the node can be self provisioned and configured when the ENABLE_PROVISIONER_FEATURE is defined. This is a great feature and I want to use...

0693W000000WE0xQAG.jpg 0693W000000WEC5QAO.png
lukasz2 by Associate III
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STM32WL Memory definition in Lorawan_end_node

Hello,I am developing my own project based on Lorawan_end_node project, i have some doubts regarding to memory addressing. In linker file:/* Memories definition */ MEMORY { RAM1 (xrw) : ORIGIN = 0x20000000, LENGTH = 32K NVM_RAM (rw) : ORIGI...

RPaja.1 by Associate II
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STM32WLEx: Generated Binary file size is too large

Before release of package v1.3.0 binary size were <90kb and .ld has 3 partition in memory as below,/* Memories definition */MEMORY{ ROM  (rx)  : ORIGIN = 0x08000000, LENGTH = 256K RAM1  (xrw)  : ORIGIN = 0x20000000, LENGTH = 32K  /* Non-backup SRAM1 ...

PG26 by Associate II
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LoRaWAN context management issue

I run a LoRaWAN End Node application on the custom board based on STM32WLCCU6 MCU. Application has enabled contex management to store LoRaWAN data and be able to resume communication after power loss without rejoining to the network. NVM memory is up...

JNowa.4 by Associate III
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How to Restore frame count after reset Lorawan context?

I have developed a device that joins lorawan in OTAA mode. I am testing the device and i am having some problems with conectivity.Device joined succesfully to Lorawan Network Server, i saved the NVM Lorawan context and i reset the device, after reset...

RPaja.1 by Associate II
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