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How to add new sequencer

Hello everyone, I am working with 3 stm32wl55JC module. 1 is receiver the other 2 is transmitter. The code has UTIL_SEQ_RegTask((1 << CFG_SEQ_Task_Sensor_Process), 0, Sensor_Process);I want to add another task which needs to work as endless loop....

AHakk.1 by Associate II
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Flash status register CFGBSY bit is always set on init

Hi.I can see that CFGBSY bit is set and reset in some MX peripheral init functions, but the main problem is that it stays set after MX_TIM1_Init and it locks my flash for any operation.Did anybody saw this kind of problem?Any help will be appreciate...

YWor.1 by Associate III
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Problem between RTC and Timers generating PWM

Hi Everybody!New with STM32, i'm currently working on a project in order to combine black line detection with an AlphaBot and IA embedded with a TOF sensor, all of that with a Nucleo-WB55.Actually I would like to add a Bluetooth function to be able t...

JDIRI.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Does there exist an STM32WB5MMG reference manual?

I am aware there is a datasheet, but it does not contain the info I need. I am trying to configure timer triggered timers for my project, so I would like to know the internal trigger mapping for each timer. I am hoping to find something similar to th...

Lloyd44 by Associate
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STM32WB55 - PWM not working

Hello,I am trying to use PWM using DMA in the P-NUCLEO WB55 dongle but the PWM signal was not behaving according to the setting which was done in STM32Cube MX.Can anyone help me to understand the role of Auto Reload Register, Repetition counter, and ...

Smalik by Associate II
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