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NUCLEO-WB15CC Zephyr BLE support

Hello,I am playing with NUCLEO-WB15CC board + zephyr + BLE beacon example. After compiling and flashing the example to the board I got "Precise data bus error" during Bluetooth initialization.Because zephyr does not support stm32wb15 out of the box, ...

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How to control LSI in zephyr STM32WB55RG(nucleo board)

Hi allSTM32WB55RG nucleo board zephyr (3.0)​When BLE stack is enabled, it becomes halt.Can't I use LSI clock to make the BLE stack run ?​We made a sample board, but We didn't attach an LSE.So. use LSI clock. ​If We use LSE in nucleo , it will behave...

hkim.71 by Associate
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Are there some STM32WB55 BLE stack maintenance plans?

Hello!I need to consider the best BLE stack firmware for production and its release provided by STMicroelectronics.Is there some long term version or some release that have long term support status?Are there some plans in BLE stack firmware developme...

AKwiek by Associate II
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BLE Advertising not working in STOP2

I am tying to develop an application in Zephyr for a battery powered device that goes into STOP2 mode for low power consumption when advertising. I have successfully created a test app with STMCube based on the health thermometer example which does t...

KRea.1 by Associate
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