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After power cycle getting data from SRAM.

I have initialized variable as belowuint8_t u8Flag1ForStoreVer __attribute__ ((section (".RAM1_region")));So, after soft reset I am getting data back.But also same I am getting after hard reset(Power cycle) , even aftre long timeWhat should be value...

HPate.5 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32WB55 Ram Memory Size

Hello guys, how are you?​I'm investigating some .bss overflows i'm facing and i ended up on some weird question. Linker file for STM32WB generated by CubeMX is as follows:RAM1 (xrw) : ORIGIN = 0x20000008, LENGTH = 0x2FFF8RAM_SHARED (x...

MBuen.1 by Senior
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(STM32WL55JC) Is it possible to expand flash or RAM in order to fit my project on this board? If so, what is the most straight forward, feasible way?

My project involves LoRaWAN communication and embedded machine learning. we've trained a basic model which fits in flash memory, but barely. As our data set grows and our model becomes smarter, I imagine we will need more space. As of right now, our ...

MRubi.2 by Associate II
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How to store sensor data?

Hello, I use STM32WL55 board. Now every data that I get from sensor is sent immediately. I want to accumulate data for five minutes and then send in bulk all every five minutes. I have problmes to save the data succesfully, how can I do it that micro...

PSzyr.1 by Associate
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