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What can prevent entering STOP mode? (STM32WB)

After some activity using BLE in the background and UART as well as some EXTI on application side, the consumption jumps from 2,4µA to 4mA, so obviously I have a wakelock. If I hotplug to the system afterwards, I can see in PWR_EXTSCR that Stop mode ...

OliM by Associate III
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Resolved! How to use PA15 (JTDI) as a GPIO

On a custom board, the RED_LED is connected to PA15, which is pulled-up by default (JTDI).The pin has been set to Push-Pull Output GPIO in CubeMX and is initialized to 0.The STM32WB55CGUx was experiencing random resets, until this particular IO was s...

Romain1 by Associate III
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Enabling/Disabling Interrupts Problem in STM32WB55RG

Hello, I want to develop a software which includes an external interrupt for sleep mode and it should be enabled before entering sleep mode. For this purpose, I use: HAL_NVIC_SetPriority(EXTI0_IRQn, 0, 0) ;HAL_NVIC_EnableIRQ(EXTI0_IRQn); When I choos...

Yusuf by Associate II
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STM32WLE5 Wake up from stop mode on EXTI for Rx

Hello,I'm trying to create a test application based on the SubGHz_Phy_Per RX example that will go into stop mode after initialization and wake up on EXTI line for an Rx window and then go back to stop mode.I want to base my test application on the Se...


basically I'm working with a LoRaWan card that mounts your STM32WLE5CCU6 microcontroller.the problem arises from the high consumption of my product.I'm trying to program the PA8 pin of the microcontroller as an input that is always under VDD and I've...

rib.1 by Associate II
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RAK3172 LPUART sample code-LED not litting?

I am checking the below example code given in RAK3172 low level development folder.C:\en.stm32cubewl\STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.0.0\Projects\NUCLEO-WL55JC\Examples_LL\LPUART\LPUART_WakeUpFromStop_InitThe only change I made here is for LED2 , GPIO pin changed...

PP.3 by Associate
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A Hint to Drive the VL53L4CD using STM32WL55JC

Hello, I tested the VL53L4CD with the Nucleo-STM32F401 using the ST-Example and I got Ranging readings. However, when I port the code to use the STM32WL55JC, I always get an I/O Error.I use the same pin configurations to drive the sensor as in the Ex...

0693W00000aIb4ZQAS.png 0693W00000aIazVQAS.png
AElgh by Associate III
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Resolved! How fast is EXTI in Stop-Mode and can I make it faster?

My expectation was that a pin-interrupt using EXTI will lead to wakeup times just slightly longer than the wakeup delays named in the datasheet (below 10µs), but what I see is this (falling edge on yellow finally reached the ISR on the magenta rising...

0693W00000Y8m9SQAR.png 0693W00000Y8mG9QAJ.png
OliM by Associate III
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