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Resolved! Which pins can I use as ADC in B-L072Z-LRWAN1 board?

Hi everyone!I need to have several pins acting as ADCs to get data from different analog sensors connected at the same time. In board's datasheet I see that this board has 1 ADC with multiple channels (12 channels to be precise).The problem is that C...

pbdiazam by Associate II
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Enable and use VREFBUF for ADC measures

Hi, I am following the instructions in STM32 reference manual to configure VREFBUF to use in my ADC measures. In chapter 17, it explains that it is needed to set ENVR to enable VREFBUF, then reset HIZ and set VRS (in my case for VREFBUF = 2.5V), then...

SCana.1 by Associate
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Sub-GHz and ADC DMA integration errors

Hi All,I'm using STM32WL55JC board which include Sub-GHz, ADC and DMA peripherals (and many more of course)I run "ping pong" example to create Sub-GHz communication sucssfully, also run "ADC_SingleConversion_TriggerTimer_DMA" and changed to circular ...

ADC issue with battery measurement

We are using the STM32WLE5JCI6 chip and we are mostly done with hardware and software development but got stuck with the below issues.We are trying to read two analog inputs from PB4 (ADC1_IN3) and ADC_CHANNEL_VREFINT. (We are using a Lithium thionyl...

Patel by Associate
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Need help with using STM32 WB15 and WPAN.

Hello, I've begun my learning experience with modification of HRSTM example for STM32WB15. However i seem to have problem with using ADC inside of the task while CFG_LPM_SUPPORTED is set to 1. What can be a cause of such problem?

HKowa.1 by Associate
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Resolved! How to use ADC sensor with Ping Pong Application

Hello everyone, I am trying to read adc value from microphone. I am using FFT to get 100 Hz to 2 kHz or more to detect tone. In my project, I can use dma for get adc value and then I use DSP CMSIS. I can do this with my new workspace (with out anythi...

AHakk.1 by Associate II
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