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how to implement zigbee in stm32f407 board?

Hello, I like to design zigbee -based heath monitoring system, using stm32f407GT6 discovery board, and I plan to add Security in zigbee to protect data against attacks. In my system, I will use three sensors(temperature, Heart Rate (ECG), Blood press...

MH24 by Visitor
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stm32wl communication data error with SX1278

  Hello ST experts, I have recently taken up a LORA wireless communication project, previously the transmitter side was using ebyte's lora module based on SX1278 and the receiver side was using a combination of STM32L1 and SX1278, they have been work...

Resolved! BLE Custom Application Issues

Hello,I have been following the tutorial STM32CubeMX Application Conception for making a custom BLE server with my P-Nucleo-WB55. I am using version 6.9.2 of STM32CubeMX. Everything works until section 7, where server notifications and write manageme...

RCM1 by Associate
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STM32WB custom_app.c vs custom_stm.c

Hello....I have generated code with CubeMX for the WB55.  I have read and write on some characteristics with some require authentication.  On one characteristic I have read, write (with authentication) and notification set.  On this same characterist...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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Support for STM32WL3x

Hello, Is there any estimation for when the STM32WL3x will be supported in STM32Cube IDE or STM32CubeMX? Also, is there any estimation for when there will be a dev board available on the market? The SoC STM32WL33C8V6TR looks extremely promising for o...

calin by Associate
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No SubGHz interrupt on STM32WLE

I use a RAK3172 module for a 434 MHz LoRa APRS application but I don´t get a SubGHz interrupt during transmission. The output from my code is the following:APRS DemoApplication version: V1.3.0Radio version: V1.3.0Radio settingsLoRa Bandwidth: 125 kHz...

Kampi by Associate III
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