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STM32WB55 incorrect svd file

I enable counter by __HAL_TIM_ENABLE(&htim17);and I see in debugger that PSC register incrementing, not CNT. CNT is always zero. Are the registers messed up?Settings are from CubeIDE 1.41 with stm32wb pack 1.8:static void MX_TIM17_Init(void){ /* USER...

0693W000003BsbtQAC.png 0693W000003BsbyQAC.png

I am trying to migrate the BLE P2P Server app, for the STM32WB55 to the STM32WB5M and I need the .svd file. However, no matter where I look, STM32WB5M is always missing from the list. I would also love to find an updated STM32 migration video tutorial.

Hello all! I am a recent graduate in Computer Engineering and I am taking my very first stab at firmware development. However, the board my customer picked, is proving to be the most annoying from the STM32WB series (regarding support, examples, tuto...

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