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RTC example folder Freezes at HAL_RTC_Init

I tried the RTC_Alarm example folder, at first it worked out well and I was able to view the output.But when I ran for the 2nd time without any changes in the code the execution stopped at  HAL_RTC_Init ->> (if (HAL_RTC_Init (& RtcHandle)! = HAL_OK))...

Is it possible to seperately use RTC with BLE?

Board: STM32WB55Software: RTC and BLEHello,I am trying to get a project set up on the above board. It needs BLE, USB and RTC seperately. I have the USB running with Bluetooth now thanks to a relatively recent post offering a means to fix the incompat...

Regarding RTC update in I-CUBE-LRWAN project

Greetings,I am working on the LoRaWAN Project and facing issues in updating RTC from a server/UART in LoRaWAN library.My code is getting stuck while updating RTC, I am recieving time and from UART through user input.RTC_TimeTypeDef set_time;RTC_DateT...

DSehg.1 by Associate
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Hi, I'm trying to transmit information between two NucleoWL55JC1 boards using LoRa modulation, i.e only the SUBGHZ_PHY layer. I want to set up the peripherals and middleware with CubeMX and use the HAL SUBGHZ functions in the code section.

Unluckily, I haven't found indications as to which of this functions to use for a basic transmit/receive application. In the HAL documentation and inside the stm32wlxx_hal_subghz.c file the functions are described independently but there is no cont...

JPablo1 by Associate II
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Resolved! RTC current time in milliseconds (display in 6 byte hex)

Hello,I am using an STM32WB55 and am trying to figure out how to get the current time including milliseconds using an RTC and display that time in 6 byte hex format. I would most likely call the GetTime() based of a millisecond timer if that is the ...

kcire L. by Associate III
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