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Resolved! Setting up a LPTIM with AR Interrupt on STM32WLE5

I have a program that requires a 30 second wake up period to feed a watchdog but use as little power a possible. To initiate the LPTIM using an external 32.768kHz watch crystal I am doing this:__HAL_RCC_LPTIM1_CONFIG(RCC_LPTIM1CLKSOURCE_LSE); //LSE L...

HWickham by Associate II
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Cascading LPTIM in STM32WL55JC17

I'd like to know if it is possible to cascade two LPTIM in order to make a 32-bit counter. I'm implementing my main LoRa application with the sequencer but I need to have 32-bit hardware counter running continously in the background to count external...

JPablo1 by Associate II
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What can prevent entering STOP mode? (STM32WB)

After some activity using BLE in the background and UART as well as some EXTI on application side, the consumption jumps from 2,4µA to 4mA, so obviously I have a wakelock. If I hotplug to the system afterwards, I can see in PWR_EXTSCR that Stop mode ...

OliM by Associate III
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Hello, what are the constraints when reprogramming the ARR register in the LPTIM peripheral? E.g. does the counter need to be stopped, or can it be running? Does the ARRM interrupt get triggered only if CNT==ARR, or also for CNT>ARR?

I could not find a definite answer on the STM32WBx5 reference manual.I am setting the LPTIM to generate a periodic interrupt by configuring the ARR register, say to 1 millisecond period. Occasionally, I need to reprogram the ARR with a longer period,...

ECost.2 by Associate
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Resolved! Unable to wakeup from stop mode with LPTIM

Hello, I have a STM32WLE5JB, and a want to wakeup the chip from sleep mode to have multiple task. (Read a sensor every x sec) externally from the RTC that is tied to the lora TX delay.So i have the code that include the lora stack without any modific...

HDIA.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! LPTIM1 in stop mode 2

 Hi everyone,i'm trying to use the LPTIM1 in the STM32WB55 on STOP2 mode.I have a STM32WB5MM-DK and I want to generate a PWM on the pc1 output.I configured on the ioc file:LPTIM1- counts internal clock event- checked waveform generation-parameter: pr...

AColl.7 by Associate II
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Resolved! LPTIM1 one-shot mode does not work

I am using the LPTIM1 to aquire a sensor measurement trough interruption each T period. When I set it in continous mode (reference manual says: To enable the continuous counting, the CNTSTRT bit must be set) everything works out well. HAL_LPTIM_TimeO...

AZube.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! Software trigger for LPTIM1 (Low Power Timer)

Hello,I am trying to use the LPTIM1 as a timeout counter of 5s. Each timeout the device would read a measured value from a sensor and send it by uplink.I want to trigger the LPTIM1 by software, but I do not know how to do this. This is probably a new...

AZube.2 by Associate III
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