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STM32F411 as basis platform with STM32WB1MMC

(1) Are there any experience for a data exchange via bluetooth between two STM32WB1MMC-parts? (2) How can I use a STM32WB1MMC together with a STM32F411 board? Are there any experiences? (3) How can I create a data exchange between two STM32WB1MMC? (4...

timbo2023 by Associate III
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Resolved! BLE (UTIL_SEQ_SetTask) and EXTI conflict?

I made a PCB board with STM32WB5MMG, which receives the data of max30112 through external falling edge interrupt and sends it through BLE notify. However, once I add the execution task UTIL_SEQ_SetTask(1<<CFG_TASK_SPO2_EVT_ID,CFG_SCH_PRIO_0); in HAL_...

Lep by Senior
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A Hint to Drive the VL53L4CD using STM32WL55JC

Hello, I tested the VL53L4CD with the Nucleo-STM32F401 using the ST-Example and I got Ranging readings. However, when I port the code to use the STM32WL55JC, I always get an I/O Error.I use the same pin configurations to drive the sensor as in the Ex...

0693W00000aIb4ZQAS.png 0693W00000aIazVQAS.png
AElgh by Associate III
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SMT32F401RE - P-Nucleo-6180X1

Hello,I need to measure a small distance and I think that hte P-Nucleo-6180X1 would fit my requirements. P-Nucleo-6180X1 is made of a VL6180X1 and a STM32F401RE. I would like to communicate its output using LoRa, do you think that is possible?Thank y...

JManu.1 by Associate
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STM32 with Ebyte Lora

Hi everyone, I am a student and I used arduino for now. I have stm32f4 disocvery board, stm32f103c8t6 and stm32f401ceu6. I have lora module E32-44t30D module which is working with UART. I was using these with arduino and there is a lot of library for...

anone.1 by Associate
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NucleoF411 and IDB05A2 BLE beacon message reading?

Hello!I would like to ask for some help in my STM32 Project.In this project I want to receive and process a BLE beacon message with a Nucleo F411 board and X-Nucleo-IDB05A2 Bluetooth Shield.The message came from a simple device without any in or out ...

PPall.2 by Associate II
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STM32 + LoRa sx1278

Hi!I'm trying to get a connection between the stm32f411ce and the LoRa sx1278.The first comm fails because I read 0x45 on the RegVersion register on the LoRa(which is addresed at 0x42). From the documentation I read that it should be 0x12. does anyon...

EPora.1 by Associate II
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