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Problem With NUCLEO F746ZG or GATEWAY RisingHF...

HI. I bought the STM32WL lora HF Package (lora getaway + lora sense)I programmed the gateway as appear in the youtube here the link( worked well for 1 month, suddenly I lost the signal from the node, and ...

RVasq.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! Lora RN2903a with STM32F745 .. when transmitted system commands the uart receive is shown below .set the baud to 57600 bps and DMA in circular for half word .

There is something missing upon receiving junk .How do we keep the count of how much response will be received in advance ? should any flags be set to check whether the response received is correct and clear upon not receiving proper response , bit ...

SG.4 by Associate II
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I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 and STM32F767ZI problem with usart

Hi, I'm working on the Lora project. I have a STM32F767ZI board and an I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 module. As I understood from the manual to the module. The module is programmed using AT commands via UART. I set up USART3 on my board to communicate with a PC th...

DJeze.1 by Associate II
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How to flash the firmware on STM32F7 wirelessly (OTA)?

Hi,Is there an existing infrastructure for OTA custom firmware flashing of an STM32F7 MCU using (preferably) STM32WB of SPWF04?we have an already written application for our STM32F7 which takes more than 512KB.I went through the resources and found o...

APilk.1 by Associate
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Using SX1276MB1LAS with STM32F767ZI.

"The I-CUBE-LRWAN Expansion Package consists of a set of libraries and application examples for STM32L0, STM32L1 and STM32L4 Series microcontrollers acting as end-devices."Can i use the libraries comming with this package even if i am using a STM32F7...

SBour.9 by Associate II
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