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I have programmed the STM32 MCU as per the document ( However, I'm not getting any response in TTN network. kindly help me resolve it.

NUCLEO WB55RG both server and client

Hi, I am currently working on the NUCLEO WB55RG board on a project configured by CubeMX as BLE server. Everything is working correctly on this side. The problem is that I am using 4 boards as server and i would like to send a broadcast message (adver...

BasileC by Associate
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Resolved! What does TSC_IOASCR do?

What does the TSC_IOASCR register do?Checked the reference manuals for STM32 WB35xx/WB55xx (RM0434) and F0xx (RM0091) and only get the following information: What's the behaviour of this setting for pins in the various modes (unused, sampling, channe...

DK.6 by Associate II
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How can i solve the Data transmission error problem in STM32 Lora and Sigfox Discovery kit for STM32F072 MCU to sigfox network interface?

I had purchased two STM32 Lora and Sigfox Discovery kit for STM32F072 MCU.I am using this for sigfox data transmitting purpose for our prototype designing . I had uploaded the AT commands code on both dev.boards, One board is completely working and t...

Tss.1 by Associate II
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STM32F0 connected with Hc 06, do not recive the data

I've been trying to make connection with STM32F0 Discovery and hc-06 bluetooth module via USART2. I've configured Discovery as shown on figure below. Additionally there is an nvic interruption. Hc-06 is configured the same way as Discovery.uint8_t bl...

MMaj.1 by Associate II
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Set Up Communication Between ESP8266-01 and NUCLEO-F030R8

I've been tasked with figuring out how to get a mobile app to communicate with an MCU then in turn control a stepper motor. Right now I'm trying to get the WiFi module (ESP8266-01) and MCU (NUCLEO-F030R8) to play nice with each other. The catch is I ...

SNeub by Associate II
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IOT Project

Hlw Sir,I am piyush kumar having a STM32F030 Nucleo Board and one ESP8266 WIFI Module.I am very new to IOT . Can you please guide me on this how can i start IOT with these two.

PKuma.6 by Associate II
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