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Why is the SAI (I2S) used in DMA mode generate noise

I am using a SAI device on a SMT32WB55. Using it as a wavetable synth that produces a triangle wave. I am able to play my triangle wave for x amount of time with HAL_SAI_Transmit_DMA(&hsai_BlockA1, (uint8_t*)data, size);And later stop it with a timer...

eeprom by Associate II
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Resolved! SAI: Won't stay enabled (H7 and WB)

Hi - I'm having a real struggle with the SAI peripheral. I've tried on both H742, and WB55 module, and am running into the same problem.I have the source set up in the clock config (Tried both PLL1 and PLL2, and using PLLSA1P on WB), and made sure I ...

DOCon.1 by Senior
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Resolved! STM32WB - STM32Cube SAI HAL code generation bug

Hi,I found a possible bug in the "stm32wbxx_hal_msp.c" file when using Cube in the STM32CubeIDE to enable the SAI peripheral.I did not test all the combinations, but have mine set up as follows:SAI A - Async SlaveSAI B - Sync Slave The bug is that th...

DeonT by Associate
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