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STM32WB55 power consumption

Hi,I have a board which has a STM32WB55RGV6 MCU and i have a problem. When i connected my board to Power supply, it consumes just 13 mA. But then suddenly, it increased 94 mA. I measured resistance between GND and VDD_MCU pins. I was 53 ohm. I unders...

Makif by Associate
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Resolved! EEPROM Emul advantages in STM32WL

Hi All,I have implemented EEPROM Emul Middleware in STM32WL project ( in lieu of writing directly in FLA...

RPaja.1 by Associate II
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Hello everyone, I have the flash memory AT25SF321B and I want to write and read it. As a µC I use an STM32WB55. I write some values but if i read it back i get only zeros. But i can read the manufacture id 1F 87 01. Hope you can help me.

// 25AA040A instructions const uint8_t EEPROM_READ = 0x03; // 03h Normal Read Data const uint8_t EEPROM_WRITE = 0x02; // 02h Page Program const uint8_t EEPROM_WRDI = 0x04; // 04h Write Disable const uint8_t EEPROM_WREN =...

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stm32 EEPROM Read

Hello Every one i am using the STM32WB35CC SoC for custom BOARD, I am facing an issue that when i tries to write EEPROM I get correct response checked using Logic Analyzer but when i tried to read eeprom I GET HIGH impedance with every address. The ...

MBaig.1 by Associate II
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