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HAL_Delay configuration with STM32CubeIDE

Hello All,I'm starting a project based on a STM32WL.After downloading the "SubGHz_Phy_Per" project I try to duplicate the project for my custom board based on the STM32WLE5CBUX.The "SubGHz_Phy_Per" project provide the HAL_Delay(Delay) via a call to t...

matth_he by Associate
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About SysTick with STM32WL55

Hi I am testing SysTick with STM32WL55.I set the IOC file as follows.​When a break point is set in HAL_IncTick() in SysTick_Handler() and the program is executed in debug mode, the program does not stop here.In other words, the SysTick_Handler() func...


What is the connection between RTCCLK and Sysclock?

I am using hw_timerserver and sequencer for BLE. I added additional tasks to the sequencer for my application. It appeared that my tasks are running much too frequently, so I looked into the clock configuration of the RTC and found that WUCLK was d...

HCohe.1 by Associate III
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Hey thereI'm working with stm32wb with custom board, I have two strange issues.I'm tying to probe GPIO_IOToggle example but the program only run when i charge the code or when I debugged it with STM32CUBEIDE, whne i press reset or activate the source...

JGome.7 by Associate
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System Timebase Source problem with STM32WLE5C8Ux

I have a custom hardware with an STM32WLE5C8Ux and I want to add functionality to it step by step. I'm using CubeMx to generate a project with success ,toggeling a GPIO works. I have not initalized external TCXO or LSE, they are populated but I want ...

MAebl by Associate
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Accuracy of MSI (Timing problem with LMIC)

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 11:27Hey there. I am experimenting with LoRaWAN (the things network) and the STM32L053C8 discovery board.I set up my sysclock to MSI 2 MHz and the systick interrupt to count up 10000 times a second (100us ticks). This ...

Rob Keck by Associate II
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