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Resolved! Can't run SubGHz_Phy_PingPong example on Nucleo WL55JC1

I have a Nucleo WL55JC1 and I'm trying to run the SubGHz_Phy_PingPong example from STM32CubeWL v1.3.0. I am using STM32CubeIde and if I try to build without any modification to the original project the compiler outputs that stm32wlxx_nucleo_radio.h, ...

Pi filter purpose on Lorawan reference design

Hello everyone,In the schematics en.MB1389-WL55JC-highband-E02_Schematic,there's a Pi filter following the RF switch before it links to the SMA connector for the antenna.Upon calculation, I found that the cutoff frequency of this low-pass pi filter i...

Levan by Associate III
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Program ST50H with pyOCD

Hi,I'm working with an ST50H based on STM32WLE5 series MCU. Here's the product: I would like to be able to flash the device using pyOCD or OpenOCD. However, after installing the ST...


Disable frame-counter validation in end node

Hello,I have an end-node device based on STM32WLE5CBU6.The end node sends data in every 10 seconds to the gateway.when I reset the End node device the uplink frame count in the end node resets to 0, at this moment the gateway shows a frame counter va...


Support for STM32WL3x

Hello, Is there any estimation for when the STM32WL3x will be supported in STM32Cube IDE or STM32CubeMX? Also, is there any estimation for when there will be a dev board available on the market? The SoC STM32WL33C8V6TR looks extremely promising for o...

calin by Associate
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Why STM32WL Alarm always wakeup advance 1 second

I use STM32WL RTC Alarm as low power mode timer for achieve ms level accrancy and any duration sleep. System will convert sleep time to Alarm time before enter low power mode. I have tested different  sleep time, verified convertion result is correct...


Using the ST-Link V3E on the STM32WL-Nucleo Board

Hello,  I used the onboard ST-Link Debugger of the STM32F401RE to flash/debug external boards. Can I do the same with the Nucleo-STM32WL55JCx Board(using the MIPI10 Connector)? I checked UM2592, and it only gives directions about using an external de...

AElgh by Associate III
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STM32WLE5JC Receiver Chain

Hi !   I read the datasheet, and it says: "The receive chain comprises a differential low-noise amplifier (LNA), a down-converter tolow-IF by mixer operation in quadrature configuration". 1. What is the GAIN and the NF of the diff. LNA ?       1.a Is...

KTrot.1 by Associate II
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