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BLE mesh and FLASH access problem

Hello,I am trying to develop app based on BLE_MeshLightingProvisioner example. From the readme file, I know that the node can be self provisioned and configured when the ENABLE_PROVISIONER_FEATURE is defined. This is a great feature and I want to use...

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lukasz2 by Associate III
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BLE Mesh Static Net- and App-Key

Hi, I have STM32WB55RG Board and I have tried the BLE Mesh Demo. I was wondering, it is possible to set the Net and App-Key with static value? If it is possible, then how to do it?I tried on 'BLE_MeshPRFNode' project.Thanks!

osugi_w by Associate
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Bluetooth Mesh Library Capabilities

The Bluetooth Mesh Library version 1.14.0 has the following Capabilities:[Library Capabilities]Net Keys = 3App Keys = 3Elements per Node = 5Models per Element = 11Subscription per Model = 10Is it possible to increase these value somehow? I want for e...

CBuch.1 by Associate III
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