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About the pairing mode of STM32WB

Excuse me, how can we establish a Bluetooth connection between stm32wb55 as an observer and other broadcasting devices on CubeMX? The current CubeMX can only implement WB as a broadcaster to connect to the app, which is not the pattern required in my...

cxiao.2 by Associate II
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STM32WB Notification doesn't seem to be working?

Hello I am using the following to try and get a notification from an STM32WB Nucleo server to my phone the client but cannot get it to work.BLE Notifications ---- ST Micro video I compile and can see the two characteristics on my phone but when I pus...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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STM32WBA OOB Pairing not working

Hello, I am working with STM32WBA52 and I am using the X-Nucleo-NFC07A1 Tag to try to perform BLE OOB Pairing. From the sparse existent documentation regarding this subject, I have understood that the SecurityParams_t structure had a flag to indicate...

Portilha by Associate II
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Resolved! BLE not working on Stm32wb5mmgh6tr MCU

Hi,I'm using a Stm32wb5mmgh6tr embbeded MCU for sharing data wireless via BLE. I just saw on the AN5185 application note document that wireless stack is not installed by default. So I've started FUS and then installed the latest version of the WS wit...

didac by Associate
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BLE Always Fails when setting RFWKP Clock Mux to LSE

I've been having a lot of trouble getting all of the online BLE examples to work and was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction.  In every example they state that the RFWKP Clock Mux should be set to LSE but whenever I do that the main ...

nollstead by Associate III
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More Info about STM32WB0

So is this chip now completely released or not?The product page is available and says it is active, but it does neither offer a reference manual nor a price indication.Form what I understand it is basically a BlueNRG-LPS with more Flash. Meaning the ...

OliM by Associate III
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[BLE RSSI] Reading RSSI value uint8_t

Hello, I am working with STM32WBA52CG as a central and I want to read the RSSI from the incoming advertising packets. The RSSI value should be a negative value in dBm, however it is defined as uint8_t in the AdvertisingReport_t structure. Can someone...

Screenshot from 2024-02-12 10-41-02.png
Portilha by Associate II
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