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Resolved! Unwind stack on stm32wb55 and FreeRTOS

Hi Helpdesk, I am currently facing an ASSERT issue on my custom board leveraging the STM32WB55 in conjunction with FreeRTOS. After some time scrawling the web, I have found the stack unwind functionality from `libunwind` available via the `unwind.h` ...

whati001 by Associate II
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STM32WB15 Server Mode Custom Template

Hi, I'm currently developing for the STM32WB15CC. During code generation with CubxMX, Under the "BLE Applications and Services -> Server Mode", the option for "Custom Template" is missing when FreeRTOS(CMSIS_V2) is enabled. This option is present whe...

SYuan.1 by Associate
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aci_gap_update_adv_data return 145 error code

I use the CUBEMX create a project of BLE and FreeRtos , when i send aci_gap_update_adv_data ,it return 145,I don't find the meaning of code in the aci/hci interface.And i can see it in the BEL profile App, But I can not connect it. it return connec...

CKai.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32WB - STM32_WPAN (BLE) with FREERTOS

Hello, I am using CubeMX 5.1 and I am aware that it is not possible to activate FREERTOS when STM32_WPAN is activated. Is there any way to integrate FREERTOS with BLE? Is the feature maybe coming out in the future?

How to use STM32WB15 with FreeRTOS

Hi, i have NUCLEO_WB15CC Board and i want to implement BLE HRS (Heart Rate Sensor) example with FreeRTOS.I have tried HRS example in NUCLEO_WB15CC with ST BLE Sensor apps in android and it worked.then i tried to implement FreeRTOS with HRS example. b...

dhanny by Associate
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Is the OpenThread API concurrent safe?

I am developing a FreeRTOS project with around 12 tasks, many of which use the open thread ot* functions. However, my program will occasionally deadlock on all OpenThread commands, with the stack for each task showing that it is waiting for "Wait_Get...

CMasc.1 by Associate II
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