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LSM6DS3 Data Ready Interrupt not triggering

Hi everyone,I am working on a project using the SensiBLE module. It includes an STM32L476RG microcontroller and an LSM6DS3 IMU sensor. I am using I2C for communication between the two.I am trying to enable the accelerometer data-ready interrupt on IN...

MEMS Microphones frequency response until 20 kHz

Hello,I contact you because I am considering three models of MEMS microphones for an application: MP34DT05-A, IMP34DT05 and MP34DT06J.Inside the datasheet the frequency response is depicted until 10 kHz.Are these microphones suitable for an applicati...

VROM by Associate
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Resolved! ISM330DLC measurement units

What are the units of the ISM330DLC reported values? SpecificallyOUTn_G to units of acceleration (g)?OUTn_XL to units of angular velocity (°/s)?I couldn't find this in your docs, may have missed it 

Resolved! i am using lsm6dsm (@steval-mki189v evaluation board) for OIS application, data sheets says, auxiliary spi can be used for the purpose, also through the primary spi we can read the data parallely, like connecting host processor and camera module in mode 3

but i am not able to read the data in slave module, how to connect this with the host and camera module processor and read the data, is there any settings have to be mentioned.? if any one information about this it will be helpful.

BGGopal by Associate II
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Resolved! how to convert LSM6DSOX data

Hi all,I'm working with LSM6DSOX and I managed to get the accelerometer and gyroscope data from the output registers, but the numbers don't seem to be meaningful, how do I convert the raw data to g?

Is accelerometer drift in the LIS3DSH normal behavior?

I have an LIS3DSH securely mounted to a stationary object away from any vibration. Over the course of two and a half days, I've found the readings slowly change in value. I've tried this with multiple accelerometers (all LIS3DSH) and they always sh...

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