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LIS2DH12 reads 0 values and stops generating interruptions

Hello all,We are facing some issue with the LIS2DH12 accelerometer. When the board is powered-up, the accelerometer is booted with the configuration shown below, and in some of the boards, the accelerometer suddenly starts to read 0 in the OUT regist...

LJimé.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Pressure Sensor - LPS22HHTR

Hi..  Im working on an application attempting to use the LPS22HHTR.  I see in the specs the table of absolute max ratings, but I wasn't able to find a parameter for the low end.  In this application there can be occasions where the line falls below 2...

BVA by Associate II
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Resolved! LSM6DSO(X) actual ODR vs configuration

Hi!I am using a Nucleo-L476RG / X-Nucleo-IKS01A3 / STEVAL-MKI1197V1 setup to get into the LSM6DSO and LSM6DSOX. I did some tests with both of them based on Algobuilder and Unicleo with the DataLogExtended example.I recognized the following: When I us...

DWind.1 by Associate III
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ISM330DLC 3-wire mode

Hi ST,I have an custom board using the ISM330DLC but I'm having difficulty configuring it's primary bus for 3-wire SPI operation.According to the ISM330DLC datasheet register CTRL3_C (0x12) must set to 0xC for 3-wire primary bus SPI mode to be enable...

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GnR by Associate II
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IIS3DWBTR SLEEP Mode current issue

Im using IIS3DWBTR sensor with STM32L562 controller,getting the high current  almost 800uA at sleep mode while testing.1.What are the pin configuration we need to set ?2.what are the registers need to be configure?

nandhinis by Associate II
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Resolved! IIS2DLPC accelerometer data conversion

Hi:According to the IIS2DLPC datasheet and STMems_Standard_C_drivers are as follows According to the IIS2DLPC datasheet, it seems that the ...

Myles by Associate
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Part Marking

Hi ST Team, Can you share the Marking code specification for the component: LPS22HBTR ? Thanks, a lot Enzo

enzo2 by Associate
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