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LIS2DW12 - Condition for self-test failure

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I have been using the LIS2DW12 accelerometer for some time now, and have tried to set up the self-test functionality. Ironically, I've set it up according to the AN5038 app note pg.46 and it has never failed the self test. I am also analysing the averages obtained before and after the self test, and the calculated differences are always within the range specified in the datasheet. I believe I can expect it to fail if I move the sensor during the period I expect the self-test to be running. I've tried this to no avail, where the self-test will still pass. 

The criteria and simulation for a failure is important as it will directly determine if my device using the IC, is ready to be used. Please may I be advised on any other methods to get the self-test to fail, or if it is plausible that I impose a tighter range on the min and max values that the calculated difference should fall in between.

Any help would be appreciated.


@Federica Bossi 

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @ZAIDS-S23 ,

The self test is to check the device functionality, the only way to see a failure is by breaking the piece.

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