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Unexpected behaviour with LSM6DSO32TR



We are using an LSM6DSOX IMU and Micron MT29F2G01ABBGDWB Nand Flash on a common SPI bus. We didn't see any issue until we upgraded the LSM6DSOX with an LSM6DSO32. The datasheet suggests that they are drop-in replaceable. Both the flash chip and IMU share a common power supply. The issue is that once we turn the power off, either on a Flash-at-capacity event or to conserve power, the data on the Flash chip gets corrupted. This is somewhat bizarre as it is only happening with the LSM6DSO32 sensor, and not on LSM6DSOX.

Has anyone seen anything like that? Are there operational differences between the two sensors that we are missing? Any advice on troubleshooting this will also be appreciated. The schematic for IMU and Flash is attached.


Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @UQure ,

To better understand:
- Do you configure LSM6DSOX and LSM6DSO32X in the same way?
- IMU and Flash communicate only with microcontroller?
- Data are ok before the turn off?
- Do you probe the communication line to see if are there any spurious messaging at turn off?


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