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Not receiving valid PDM data from MP34DT06J

Hi,I have spent the last 2 weeks working on a project with the STM32F102CBT6 that includes the MP34DT06J MEMS microphone, but so far I have been unable to get it to output a valid PDM data stream. I have tried using both the SPI1 in master receive mo...

TomLillie by Associate II
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B-l475E-IOT01A connection for unico GUI with LSM6DSOX

Hello,I am trying to develop an audio classification through a decision tree in unico GUI platform using the mlc for lsm6dsox. I have the B-l475E-IOT01A motherboard and I want to know if it is possible to use the sensor LSM6DSOX with this motherboard...

SRodr.4 by Associate II
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Reading bad data from LIS2MDL using 3-wire SPI

Sensor: LI2MDLMCU: STML072I am trying to read the who_am_I register (register 0xAF) with the 3-wire SPI setup, but it is returning the wrong data.Below is a screenshot of the transmission and the return from the LIS2MDL. The transmission's first bit ...

Cfaya.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! DRDY not returning low on AIS2IH

I am using the AIS2IH and polling the DRDY bit of STATUS to see when a new sample is available .  I am using single data (on demand) mode and ODR bit is set.  The spec sheet says that DRDY returns low after the high part of X,Y or Z has been read, bu...

Resolved! Multiple STHS34PF80 on I2C bus

I have an application that requires two STHS34PF80 sensors on the same I2C bus. I tried using N-FETs on the SDA lines to select between them but this doesn't work, not sure why. I will try the 3-wire SPI bus but I am not sure my current MCU API supor...

KWine by Senior
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Hello Team ST,I would like to have your guidance on setting a FSM for wrist tilt application. At the moment, we use following FSM settings as per the code here.Link:

ASoni2_0-1690543414543.png ASoni2_1-1690543657397.png
ASoni.2 by Associate III
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LSM6DS3TR-C Reading more than one pattern from FIFO

Hi,I'm working with a LSM6DS3TR-C.Currently I've a working app where I configure a FIFO threshold for accel, gyro and timestamp data, and a THS interrupt in INT1.Once the interrupt occurs, I can read all the patterns, one at a time like this:  #de...

Martxel by Associate
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