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 Dear team,I'm using ASM330LHB for Electronics Brake control project.Please clarify my queries to use this ASIC in our application.How the ASIC is claimed as ASIL-B? Is there any redundancy in the ASIC itself?How the error detection and error reactio...

ganand05 by Associate
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LPS22 sensor suddenly behaving weird

I've had this problem with an ILPS22QS and now I'm having it with an LPS22HH. It has me completely mystified. The issue is like this: The pressure sensor works as normal for a week or even multiple weeks and then all of a sudden it enters a mode wher...


pdm2pcm, pcm data noisy , pdm mic nucleo f413zh

hello tout le monde, im worknig on audio project im trying to get data from a pdm microphone as pcm 8 bit and transmit the data via uart  as binary but when i transfer the data from binary to audio via audacity i can hear just noise nothing else, als...

zohbou1 by Associate
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Resolved! Strange noise distribution for gyro data from LSM6DSOX

When looking at a chart of integrated single-axis gyro data with a completely stationary sensor, I noticed that there are fairly large jumps once in a while.Since this doesn't look like brownian motion with normally distributed steps, I plotted a his...

imu-integration-chart.png raw_hist.png

Resolved! Difference between each mode of pedometer in LSM6DSOX

Hi,I am implementing the pedometer function using LSM6DSOX.According to the driver file provided by ST, there are three different modes to configure. I want to know the difference between them. I cannot find any information in the datasheet.Appreciat...

Jiabin by Associate II
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bring up sensors on steval-mki128v6

Hi,When bring up sensors on steval-mki128v6,  for accelerometer and gyro,  read out who_am_i value is 0x6A, which means lsm6dsm. I can use user application to get samples. But I can't find any steval-mki128v6 document online.V5 is lsm6ds3, V7 is lsm6...

lola by Associate
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IMU sensor LSM6DSV FIFO Timestamp drift

We are observing that LSM6DSV FIFO Timestamp is drifting at a constant rate when Gyro sensor is enabled.Our ImplementationWe are using 6-axis IMU sensor LSM6DSV with st_lsm6dsvx driver from ST GitHub and integrated with OSD32MP157 SiP.We've modified ...

sw_clock _Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 1.18.28 PM.png hw_clock_image.png
farid by Associate II
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Calculating Analog reference voltage using vref macro

I am using stm32wl55 controller to Calculate Analog reference voltage using vref macro, which is defined as follows:#define __HAL_ADC_CALC_VREFANALOG_VOLTAGE(__VREFINT_ADC_DATA__,\                                          __ADC_RESOLUTION__) \__LL_AD...

Aanchal by Associate II
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