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Hello Team ST,I would like to have your guidance on setting a FSM for wrist tilt application. At the moment, we use following FSM settings as per the code here.Link:

ASoni2_0-1690543414543.png ASoni2_1-1690543657397.png
ASoni.2 by Associate III
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LSM6DS3TR-C Reading more than one pattern from FIFO

Hi,I'm working with a LSM6DS3TR-C.Currently I've a working app where I configure a FIFO threshold for accel, gyro and timestamp data, and a THS interrupt in INT1.Once the interrupt occurs, I can read all the patterns, one at a time like this:  #de...

Martxel by Associate
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Resolved! AIS2DW12 Zero-g level offset accuracy, long term

Can anyone tell me how to understand the following parameter out of the AIS2DW12 datasheet.Zero-g level offset accuracy, long term: ± 700mgWhen i use the sensor with a resolution of ± 2g, then I hope there ist not the possibility that the offset will...

dmeise by Associate II
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LIS2DW12 slow activity detection

Hello everybody,In the AN5038 it is well described how to setup the internal state machine to detect activity, but it has does not fit my need:If I have my  product in my hand, I want detect slow motion in 3 XYZ axes, but if my product is on my desk ...

LSM6DSO - Sensitivity to vibration.

Hi, I am trying to integrate LSM6DSO in an iOT and would like the LSM6DSO raise wake up interruption when iOT is moved (with a normal movement). Now my problem is the following :I programed my interruption and it's run. I can detect the motion on my ...

egeo by Associate
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IIS3DWBTR power down to wake up process

Hi,We have achieved lowest current consumption(5.5uA) in power down mode as per datasheet with the pin configuration.Now we are trying to wake up from power down mode,By enabling the accelerometer CTRL1_XL register-101_Value ,but still module is in p...

Resolved! LSM6DSOX SPI read and write protocol in mode 1

Hello! I would like to check if the SPI read and write protocols in mode 1 are the same as those in mode 3 (as suggested on the datasheet). If they're different, may I know what the differences are?Thank you!