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Set LIS2DH12 in power down mode

Hello ST Community,My application involves nRF52 series processor which interfaces with LIS2DH12 via SPI and I am trying to reduce the power consumption as much as possible when the processor is in sleep mode. I understand that, as soon as power is a...

AB.4 by Associate II
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Algobuilder IIR Filter a10/a20 coefficient

Hi!I am using the IIR function block in Algobuilder. In the UI I can enter the coefficients manually or use a file. The implementation uses the CMSIS functions Biquad Cascade IIR Filters Using Direct Form I Structure (void arm_biquad_cascade_df1_init...

DWind.1 by Associate III
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Export raw accelerometer- and FFT-values from Unicleo

Hi!I have a Nucleo board and use the FFT example that comes with Algobuilder. It shows all the data and the results from FFT in the separate window. I would like to export all the data (accelerometer values, FFT results, peaks, etc). It works with ac...

DWind.1 by Associate III
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LSM6DSL does not respond well anymore

I was testing the LSM6DSL, at first 10 versions of my firmware, the sensor is working fine, I was able to read and write to its register. Now it does not work, reading the WHO_I_AM register gives different value than 0x6A. I hope you can help me.

JBrio.1 by Associate II
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LSM303AGRTR minimun configuration as temperature sensor

Good afternoon,My name is Jorge. I am an firmware engineer from Sayme Corp in Spain.I am using an LSM303AGRTR acceleration and magnetic sensor to get temperature values.I am following the instructions from the datasheet:"4.5 Temperature sensor The LS...

JGonz.1 by Associate II
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How to change meta data of IIS3DWB

Hi,I got a doubt while i was studying IIS3DWB data sheet, "Meta information about accelerometer and sensor configuration changes can be managed by enabling the ODR_CHG_EN bit in FIFO_CTRL2 (08h)". But , i have not found that bit in FIFO_CTRL2 registe...

0693W000001sdsJQAQ.png 0693W000001sds9QAA.png
JPale by Associate II
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