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Resolved! SWV Trace/Console for STWIN-STWINK1 on STM32CubeIDE, anyone was able to set up a trace on STWIN-STWINK1? Is this possible? Please let me know

HI All, I am using STWIN-STWINK1 for a predictive maintenance application, I am unable to set up SWV ITM data console and trace on STM32CubeIDE. I tried following all the tutorials on YouTube and community, nothing works. If anyone has been able to g...

Resolved! chip LIS2DS12 fatal defect!

Dear sir,We are using your company's three-dimensional acceleration chip LIS2DS12. Now we have found a fatal defect. When the ambient temperature value detected by the temperature sensor inside the chip changes from 24 ℃ to 25℃, the acceleration out...

Pxiao.2 by Associate II
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Hi, I have MB1329B module with quectel BG96 with firmware version: BG96MAR02A06M1G. I intend to send data by NB-IoT with a plastic sim card but it isn't working because the SIM is not detected.

I have the PWR enable pin at high level, the sim_select1 pin also at high level and the sim_select0 pin at low level (because I have a plastic sim).I'm sending the following AT Commands using usb connection directly between the module and a computer:...

FCelm.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Minimum range VL053L0

I searched in the datasheet, but I could not find any information about the minimum possible measuring range. There are only values for the maximum range.Is there any official information from ST available?What are your experiences?Thanks in advice f...

GPrit.1 by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSO interface with MCU : Generation of wakeup/activity/single tap interrupt during double tap. Expected : Only double tap. Actual: wakeup/activity/single tap interrupts also along with double tap interrupt

Issue Summary:Generation of wakeup/activity/single tap interrupt during double tap.Expected : Only double tap.Actual: wakeup/activity/single tap interrupts also along with double tap interruptplease find the below Analysis for your reference. Registe...

srao.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can I leave SDO_A/G pin floating on the LSM9DS1?

Does it have internal pull-up? Or do I need to connect that to a pin? Is there a way to "burn" the i2c address?I'm asking as I have a design where I left that pin open. On some devices I have I2C communication issues, and I am asking myself if they c...

TWied.1 by Associate
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