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What is the difference between signle and continuous mode ? someone can telle me please the real difference I'm using the VL53L0X

MSAMB.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! MP34DT06J Mono Mode connection L/R

does it matter in mono operation whether I connect pin L/R to GND or to 3v3? Or does the pin always have to be open or to GND in mono mode?Of course, my output signal has to be evaluated differently, but nothing can be damaged from an electrical poin...

MScha.3 by Associate
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Need LIS2DHTR substitution

We are using the LIS2DHTR accelerometer and are having problems using it to measure tilt because of the rapid movement of our device. I'm wondering if there's a gyro or magnetometer that's in the same package with the same pinout that we can use in s...

RobH by Associate
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Strange yaw behavior in using MotionFx Library?

I am trying to feed the sensor readings (gyro in dps and acceleration in G) to the MotionFx library, correctly specify the orientation (verified by ST local FAE) for 6X calculation.At beginning I put the PCB on table, after power on and initializatio...

MChen.10 by Associate II
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Resolved! ERROR VL53L0X

Hello,I'm using the VL53L0X's API when I open the example project of rangewithsatellite and I compile the main programme, these error message is displaying to the console someone can tell me what should I do? Thank you this pictures show the error co...

MSAMB.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Self test on the LIS2DE12TR

Hello,I am working on a project where I have to interface the LIS2DE12TR Accelerometer via I2C interface with TI cc2652 chip. As a start I wanted to verify the hardware functionality. In the datasheet it is mentioned of a Self-Test Mode of operation....

SShan.11 by Associate II
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