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ADC + DMA for Analog Microphone. I am using Sensortile.BOx STEVAL - MKSBOX1V1 Kit. 1. Is sampling rate for Calculation is correct 2. I have configured DMA + ADC - Kindly confirm whether configuration is ok. 3. How to read DMA Data and send to UART

ADC Sampling rate :-Total Conversion Time (Tconv) = Samplingtime + 12 (This 12 is for 12-bit resolution of ADC). If I set 12.5 Cycles in MX based on the settings of the controller STM32L9RI My ADCCLK Cycle will be =24.5 . Please confirm whether 12 to...

0693W00000GYby1QAD.png 0693W00000GYc7HQAT.png 0693W00000GYc7qQAD.png 0693W00000GYc8UQAT.png

SensorTile Box - Setup

Hello,We have purchased the Sensortile box as we were told it was able to measure G-Force deceleration from an impact and display this in the number of "G's" the crash was.We understand it has a built in accelerometer and gyro's but I am unsure of ho...

ZBarn.1 by Associate
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Resolved! IIS3DWB minimum bandwidth

Hi,I am a little confused at the datasheet for the IIS3DWB bandwidth. I clearly can see that the maximum frequency is 6.3kHz. However, is there a minimum measurable frequency? On the pg.1 features summary is says "Ultra-wide and flat frequency respon...

JChar.2 by Associate
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Resolved! LIS2DTW12 wake up filter

Hello,I want to monitor signals in range 0.5 - 80 Hz to wake up a microcontroller on INT1 pin when acceleration is above a certain threshold.My setup is :ODR = 200HzFS = 2GMODE = Low power mode 4, Low NoiseBW_FILT = 00 --> ODR/2 --> 100HzWK_THS = 1 ...

RStra by Associate III
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Resolved! FIR filter for MEMS

Hello,Are there any examples for implementation FIR filter on accelerometer and gyro data with programmable cut-off frequency? It would be better if CMSIS DSP functions are used.

JDave.4 by Associate III
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Resolved! fall detection process

Hi,I am not getting the free-fall interrupt using lis12dh12.configured all the register settings as per the below document, but not getting any Interrupt but I able to see the x,y,z raw values.en.DM00500824.pdf ( help me. not raised any ...

Akuma.6 by Associate III
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Any example on how to implement SDI-12 codes in STM32G081

Hi genius, I need help to implement SDI-12 in STM32G081. Im using STMcubeIDE. Before this, I have tested the SDI-12 sensor which is soil moisture sensor with arduino maker nano and it works. Its not a big deals since the example is provided. I tried...

Dprom by Associate II
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