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Resolved! LIS2DE12TR

Hello,May I get some document information for parts marking of PN#LIS2DE12TR?The label mark say is A2L 2D? Is it right? Have any document for the marking?Thanks

Manman by Associate III
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Question about MotionFX error in 9-axis

Hello,I'm currently working on a project requiring to get X, Y and Z angles from 2 sensors, (IIS2MDC and ISM330DHCX). In order to do so, I use MotionFX and its 2 functions, MotionFX_propagate and MotionFX_update, both used to run Kalman STM's algori...

MPoul.2 by Associate II
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Are there methods to minimize magnetometer drift over time?

Our project is using the ISM303DAC as an E-Compass. In our particular use case the product will be running remotely for several months. Are there any methods we can use to mitigate or minimize any general drift over time?ST support suggested periodic...

Bauf .1 by Associate
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ISM330DLC MISO output incorrect

Hi,I am trying to integrate the ISM330DLC sensor (with Adafruit dev board). I am trying to communicate with the sensor using SPI, and I tested the communication by trying to read the WHO_AM_I register (0Fh). Attached below is a capture of the communi...

NBula.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! LSM6DS3 characteristics

We have a product based on the LSM6DS3 and are shortlisted for a large deployment. Customer has some additional questions on MEMS used:- MEMS sensor BW (3db + resonant freq)- ODR accuracyI can find this data for IIS3DWB but not for LSM6DS3 or similar...

CHuyg.1 by Associate II
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