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Resolved! LSM6DSL + LIS2MDL noise in one acceleration axis

Hi,I am using the setup with LSM6DSL + LIS2MDL. All works fine, with the exception that once started the conversion to FIFO with sensor fusion, at 104 sps, I observe significant periodical (around 22 samples cycles) noise on the last acceleration axi...

Problem with MS5611 Barometer Pressure Reading

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 14:27Hi all! I am trying to read temperature and pressure values (then, convert pressure to altitude) from MS5611 barometer using I2C interface with STM32F4. So far, I managed to read both temperature and pressure valu...

lsm6dsox sensor

lsm6dsox sensor generates significant motion interrupt when a change in user location is detected. It generates an interrupt when the difference between the number of steps counted from its initialization/reset is higher than 10 steps. So it uses ste...

rena by Associate II
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lsm6dso inactivity detection

What is the maximum time-limit in minutes that can be set in the register LSM6DSO_WAKE_UP_DUR, for inactivity detection. I want to rise an interrupt after 20minutes. How is it possible? 

Varsha by Associate III
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Resolved! LPSS22DF accuracy between -15°C and 60°C

HiI'm currently using your LPS22DFmodule to measure pressure and I saw in the datasheet that the temperature accuracy is  ±1.5 °C (T = 0 to 80°C). My working range is between -15°C and 60°C. Could you please give me the accuracy of this sensor in the...

ljm by Associate III
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STEVAL-STWINKT1B - Battery Operation with 3.7V

Hi everyone,I'm working with the STEVAL-STWINKT1B and have a question about powering it with a 3.7V battery. The board uses the STBC02 PMIC, which operates between 4.5V and 5.4V according to its datasheet.The datasheet suggests the STBC02 charges a b...

dhruvit by Associate
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Resolved! ST MEMS studio - STEVAL STWINBX1 - Connection error

I'm having problems to be able to establish the connection between STEVAL STWINBX1 and ST MEMS Studio software, with either of the two available ways (BLE or Serial port). In the first case, mainly the board won't be shown to select. In case it does,...

jvf_13 by Associate
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