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imu data synchronization

Hello, I'm working with the lsm6do. The lsm6dso is configured to 6,67kHz sampling rate of both, acceleration and gyro data. The INT1 pin will be set if gyro and/or acc data is available (INT1_CTRL = 0x03). In my application I'm polling the int1 pin (...

K-laus by Associate
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Synchronize ISM330IS sampling to external signal

HiI'm trying to use two ISM330IS sensors both connected to the same external microcontroller.I want to synchronize accelerometer and gyroscope sampling (and the ISPU) to the processing cycle (1ms) of my controller.They should optimally both start the...

srv by Associate
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LIS2DUXS12 Qvar and Interrupts

Hi all,I am trying to implement the  LIS2DUXS12 into a design and I am wondering if it is possible to still use the interrupts while using the Qvar sensors. Ideally, I need a way to detect when the device is on the human body and also a way to wake u...

Eyurk by Associate
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Resolved! Unico feature calculation

Hello,I'm trying to figure out how Unico calculates it feature values during .arff creation.Unfortunately, if I calculate the features as described in AN5804, the feature values differ from the Unico output.I have attached two files, accelerometer sa...

He_Ka by Associate
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LIS2DW12 - Changing FIFO mode from bypass to cont-to-fifo

GreetingsI am running an application where I am using the LIS2DW12 accelerometer. I am using it for classical sampling of acceleration values in cont-to-fifo mode, which works fine. The FIFO is configured with the High pass filter enabled. I now want...

ZAIDS-S23 by Associate III
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LSM6 Family differences (DSV/DSR/DSO/DSL/...) and suffixes

I am looking for an overview over the different models in the LSM6 family. On the product selection page there are smaller differences in noise and current consumption, but I guess there are larger differences between those models.I found the followi...

JHenn.1 by Associate
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LIS3DH sensor data offset/value problems

We have designed the LIS3DH onto a custom PCBA, and we are seeing some oddities with the sensor readings post manufacturing. The PCBA goes into a two part injection molded enclosure made of ABS, and the two halves are ultrasonically welded together. ...

LSM6DSR use FIFO mode read data failed

I use LSM6DSR,  I set Accelerometer ODR selection can read data, but i choose fifo mode to read data, i don't read data, i set CTRL3_C is 0x01, CTRL1_XL is 0x50,  CTRL3_C is 0x40, CTRL5_C is 0x20, CTRL9_XL is 0xf8, INT1_CTRL is 0x01, INT2_CTRL is 0x0...

sunyu by Associate
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ISM330DLC Lifecycle

Hi all,I wanted to get information on the lifecycle of the ISM330DLC device? Is there a certain date when the sensor values will drift outside of the allowable tolerances? Thank you,Imran

IKalh.1 by Associate II
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