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LSM6DSL marking meaning

Hi,I am using the LSM6DSL, i can see that the chip marking is different for some of my chips,some have SF 951 and others have 952. Further, I am getting different sensor results from each, Does someone know what is the difference between them?Thanks

GORDI by Associate
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Tilt functionality based on Wakeup mechanism

Hello,We are working on tilt feature development based on LIS2DW12 sensor.For the development of the tilt feature with the help of Wakeup interrupt and following the attached example belowSo, How to set the sensitivity value from the open to the clos...

0693W00000QNynhQAD.png 0693W00000QNzQ0QAL.png
ChintaN1 by Associate III
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lsm6dsr gyro output abnormal sometimes

Dear SIR,In my application is to use lsm6dsr gyro values.When the set is in stationary state, sometimes the X component gyro values become large that cause wrong calculation.It happens randomly and other sets not seen the case currently.I have no ide...

E-John by Associate III
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LSM6DSO linear acceleration sensitivity tolerance

The datasheet for the LSM6DSO does not specify the tolerance of the linear acceleration sensitivity. Can you please tell me what the linear acceleration sensitivity tolerance is for this part.To be clear, I would expect to find offset and sensitivity...

RBarl.1 by Associate
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LSM6DSL - which values should i get for position

hellowe are using LSM6DSL with full-scale acceleration range of ±2g. each one of x/y/z axis has 2 bytes output value: OUTX_L_XL (28h) + OUTX_H_XL (29h). as far as i understand, we should get 2^16=65,536 value for -2...+2g. i.e. 65,536/4=16,384 for 1g...

ABran.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! STEVAL-BCN002V1マル�?センサ・ボードを使�?��?��?��?��?�。


ROnod.1 by Associate
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