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Resolved! I would like to use iis2dh to detect motor vibration with following use case. Is it possible to generate interrupt from deep sleep when vibration detected by iis2dh?

I would make the IoT device that detect vibration of the FAN. I will use this industrial portable blower FAN . To saving the energy of the device, the device goes to...

SSong.2 by Associate II
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Why is there no 9-axis IMU available for ST now?

For absolute orientation estimation, magnetometer serves as an important role to calibrate the angle drift.However, it seems there is no 9-axis IMU available now.(ST LSM9D... is obsolete.)However, for low-cost, consuming purpose 9 axis IMU: BNO055 fo...

YCHEN.3 by Associate
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Resolved! ABPDLNN100MG2A3 pressure sensor data manuplation

Hi all I am working on ABPDLNN100MG2A3 pressure sensor from honeywell which is an i2c communication, i have read the sensor data through i2c and saved it in two variable a and b the issue is how to convert the raw data to millibar, any thoughts kind...

NJP.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Unico-GUI tools bar - icons showing up on top of each other

Well, the Unico-GUI software was working fine, and one day all of the tools (bars, plot, data, etc) started getting drawn on top of one another, and the last one (pedometer) is the one on "top" and the only one I can now select. Any idea how to fix ...

Brian Rau by Associate III
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Could you please explain me if the STM Android Sensor IIO HAL calibration tool is an external APK? And provide information about how could I enable and run the calibration_daemon?

Hello,We have been working with the LIS3DH Accelerometer on an Android 11 based device. We have Integrated the corresponding Kernel drivers and the STM Android Sensor IIO HAL.As per our understanding our Android device should be able to read values f...

EVazq.1 by Associate
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After loading a new decission tree for the Machine Learning Core the behaviour of the Step count registers of the pedometer changed.I must note that none of the code changed, just the register mapping corresponding the decision tree loaded to the MLC...

PPill.1 by Associate
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