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Q&A - Instagram live event on PRO

ST Employee

What are the typical applications of the PRO?

The PRO is a programmable wireless box kit that can be used in IoT applications based on remote data gathering and evaluation. Examples are smart home devices, healthcare, smart transportation, sport, fitness and many more.

Will I get support after buying PRO?

You can get help in different ways: The user manual (UM3133) offers detailed information about the device, its operation and features as well as specific technical information. There is also a quick start guide to help you to quickly be up and running with the kit. Join the MEMS community for all the latest information, design tips and insights.

When will the PRO be available? PRO is already available in the eStore.

Where can I find more resources?

STMicroelectronics provides various promotional materials for the Pro, including databrief (detailed technical specifications and features), user manuals (step-by-step instructions on how to use the device), application notes (how to use the device for specific applications and use cases), tutorial videos and much more. Please, visit the official webpage on and the official landing page of PRO. 

Which are the kit components?

The STEVAL-MKBOXPRO development kit includes: the SensorTile.Box Pro (main board), a plastic case with M2.5 screws, a 480 mAh 3.7 V LiPo battery, Qvar electrodes, wireless charger receiver circuit, programmable NFC tag, microSD™ card, and STEVAL-MKIGIBV4 STLINK adapter with programming cable.

Does the PRO support SD cards?

The PRO offers a microSD™ card slot with a microSD™ card for standalone data logging applications.

Which are the dimensions of PRO?

The dimensions of PRO are: 40 x 63 x 24 mm. 

Can I develop my own application for PRO on Keil?

Yes, in fact the PRO can be programmed in C language through the use of different development environments, such as the Keil, IAR, STM32CubeIDE, along with dedicated STM32 function packs.

Can I use this kit for an AI portable application? Which MEMS sensor that I can consider for edge AI?

Yes, you can use the PRO for an AI portable application. In fact, the X-CUBE-AI extension for STM32CubeMX can be used to create and deploy AI-based applications on the device. The LSM6DSO16IS with embedded ISPU (intelligent sensor processing unit) can execute signal processing and AI algorithms in the edge. You can plug LSM6DSO16IS DIL24 adapter board, STEVAL-MKI229A, on the PRO and develop your own AI portable application leveraging the PRO working mode.