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Hello, I am trying to record audio with external digital PDM microphones using the MEMSMIC1 example but it is not so straightforward without the nucleo expansion board. Because the CCA02M1 has a direct connection to the pc it is able to be detected a...

BLE connection allmems 1 v4.2.0 - Sensortile

Hello, I'm using a STEVAL-STLKT01V1 demo board to perform voice streaming over BLE using allmems 1 v4.2.0 (since versione 4.3.0 dropped support for my demo board). My setup is:Steval demo board with allmems v4.2.0Python script using Bleak library to ...

Resolved! LSM6DSL + LIS2MDL noise in one acceleration axis

Hi,I am using the setup with LSM6DSL + LIS2MDL. All works fine, with the exception that once started the conversion to FIFO with sensor fusion, at 104 sps, I observe significant periodical (around 22 samples cycles) noise on the last acceleration axi...

Problem with MS5611 Barometer Pressure Reading

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 14:27Hi all! I am trying to read temperature and pressure values (then, convert pressure to altitude) from MS5611 barometer using I2C interface with STM32F4. So far, I managed to read both temperature and pressure valu...

lsm6dsox sensor

lsm6dsox sensor generates significant motion interrupt when a change in user location is detected. It generates an interrupt when the difference between the number of steps counted from its initialization/reset is higher than 10 steps. So it uses ste...

rena by Associate II
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lsm6dso inactivity detection

What is the maximum time-limit in minutes that can be set in the register LSM6DSO_WAKE_UP_DUR, for inactivity detection. I want to rise an interrupt after 20minutes. How is it possible? 

Varsha by Associate III
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