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Detecting fast Z movement on LIS2DW12

Hello,I have code working well on the LIS2DH12 that I'm having trouble porting to a LIS2DW12. Unfortunately my new supplier only has boards with the LIS2DW12 and not the H12 so I have to port over my detection code to it. I have a sensor connected to...

nemik by Associate
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Hello,my question applies to both the LSM6DSO and LSM6DSOX FIFO. if I am enabling the gyro and accel both at the same ODR and also enabling timestamp, I want to know what gets written into the FIFO first. I know I can use the tag register to tell me ...

whaz by Associate II
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ST BLE Sensor DTDL model

Hi,I'm using ST BLE Sensor combined with ST BLE Box for mine BLE application testing. I'm really pleased with it and I even adopted mine Services/Charactersitics to match the BlueST protocol. I wanted to go further and add custom parameters using ADD...


Resolved! LIS2DW12 latching INT1 pin to GND on board reboot

Hi everyone,been trying to nail the issue down for a while and I hope someone can helpI've got an LIS2DW12 connected using I2C to an STM32L476VGT6, and I'm trying to set it up to detect WAKEUPevents. I've been following ST's official AN5038 to get it...

bmatesin by Associate
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HI,I'm a beginner. I should set up some STEVAL-MIC007V1 MEMS microphones. I have Nucleo-F401RE and X-Nucleo-AMICAM1. I have already downloaded the X-CUBE-MEMSMIC1 software package.Is it sufficient to install the UltrasoundFFT.exe executable or is it ...

OsBo by Associate
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STHS34PF80 proximity application

Hi everyone, I'm developing a tamper detection circuit for a meter enclosure. I'm considering the STHS34PF80 infrared proximity sensor, but I'm struggling to find reference materials or application notes specifically related to tamper detection using...

dhruvit by Associate
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LIS2DH12 Z-axis value is reported with the opposite sign

Hi,I've been working with the LIS2DH12 sensor for quite some time, primarily utilizing the X and Y axes without any issues. However, for a new project, I also need to incorporate the Z-axis. I've noticed that while the acceleration values reported ar...

LJimé.1 by Associate II
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