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LSM6DSM - Inquiry regarding 12-sec periodic noise


I have been experiencing a peculiar issue with the LSM6DSM sensor, where noise occurs at a 12-second interval. This phenomenon is consistent across multiple units and locations. Notably, the noise seems to affect only the Z-axis.

Settings: with the ACC in operation and GYR disabled.

ODR 52Hz, +/-8G, the filter set to the state closest to RAW,

and a FIFO setup with a 3840-byte threshold. The data is not decimated in the FIFO.

It appears that the 3840-byte FIFO setting and the 52Hz ODR result in approximately a 12-second cycle. I am curious to understand the root cause of this issue and would appreciate any insights or recommendations for mitigating it.

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @Junki_Tsujiyama ,

Welcome to ST Community!

This behavior is totally unexpected, are you doing the measurements in a controlled environment?

Can you give me more details about your log scenario? Thanks

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We have minimized external disturbances as much as possible. In a recent observation, we found that the FIFO readout cycle aligns with the 12-second period. However, it's unclear whether the timing of the noise matches the readout. It's possible that the timing coincides with the recording of data to the Flash memory after readout.

Could fluctuations in the power supply voltage affect the acceleration data in the LSM6DSM?