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Wearable with LSM6DSMTR

 Could someone provide insights on how to identify the following user actions using a wearable integrated with LSM6DSMTR:Distinguishing between lying down, sitting, and standing.Tracking step count.Detecting if the user is walking on an incline or st...


hello,     i'm working on ASM330LHH IMU sensor, here raw value is continuously fluctuating even sensor is in untouch condition(fluctuation is between -1 to 6). is it possible to make it zero? so how can i stop this fluctuation. plz share suggetions o...

IIS2DLPC 6D orientation detection not working

Hi,I have attempted to follow the AN5201 application note page 26 to configure the IIS2DLPC accelerometer to generate an interrupt at every threshold however this interrupt is never generated. I have tried to print the value of SIXD_SRC register and ...

LIS2DW12's sensitivity setting

Hi,I am using LIS2DW12 to detect walking situation of old man.Old man is walking slowly and little moving, In order to detect this small moving, what and how do I set CTRL register you recommend?I have to check continuous moving state....If LIS2DW12 ...

Paul.Lee by Associate III
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LIS2DS12TR Marking

We have received LIS2DS12TR, but we cannot identify the Marking of the Part.On the part there is a QR-Code and a "G". Could you please confirm that this is LIS2DS12TR and what the QR Code is standing for. Thank you in advance

Resolved! IIS3DWB - ODR Accuracy

Hello,I am working with the IIS3DWB for a vibration monitoring sensor, and have a few questions about the ODR (Output Data Rate) accuracy, hoping someone can help me.1. I know that on the datasheet the ODR accuracy is stated as +-1% typ, or +-2% Max....

Wellett by Associate
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Resolved! ISM330DHCX FSM Change DECTREE Value for CHKDT condition

Hi,I am trying to use the FSM of the ISM330DHCX to check multiple decision tree outputs from the MLC.I want to be able to change the Decision Tree value in the CHKDT condition within the program flow, as I want to be checking multiple decision trees ...

LIS2DW12 latching INT1 pin to GND on board reboot

Hi everyone,been trying to nail the issue down for a while and I hope someone can helpI've got an LIS2DW12 connected using I2C to an STM32L476VGT6, and I'm trying to set it up to detect WAKEUPevents. I've been following ST's official AN5038 to get it...

Resolved! Pro and External Power Supply

Hi,I want to run an application for a week. This video says the battery life is 10 hours: Question:Can I use an external power supply like this and set it to 5v: Connect it's bar...