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Hello,STM8S208RB microcontroller. Pins PA4 and PA5 do not work in push-pull mode. Why? I haven't tried it in other modes. It's not a microcontroller issue because I tested it on two different microcontrollers. Pins are shown in the datasheet (see fig...
HelloSTM8S microcontroller. Cosmic compiler. How can I find out how much memory my C program is using and for what purposes?
Hello,STM8S208RB microcontroller, Independent watchdog (IWDG). After starting the watchdog timer (command KEY_ENABLE value = 0xCC), I understand that the watchdog timer stops after resetting the microcontroller. The default register state is undefine...
Hello,How can I put STM8S on the Internet using Wi-Fi?
Hello,LIS2DH12 accelerometer. Datasheet AN5005 shows Table 4.Is this the speed of data transfer via the SPI or I2C interface? Or the speed of converting data into accelerations and writing this accelerations to the OUTX_H and OUTX_L registers?
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